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Best Clipboard for Mac Free Download

Easy way to copy & paste On Mac - Toppest Mac Clipboard App

An excellent Mac clipboard history viewing, managing and editing software.

clipboard for mac

Clipboard for Mac OS X Snow Leopard (version 10.6) or above (including Mac OS X Lion)

Clipboard for Mac from CLIPBOARDFORMAC.COM can:

-- Orgnise and manage Mac clipboard history with Text Tree.
-- Copy & Paste text or images easily.
-- Paste text with original formatting or as plain text.
-- Paste multiple clips in a row with Clipboard for Mac.
-- Merge seperate clips into a big clip with Mac clipboard ultility.
-- Edit clips such as search and replace, delete line break...
-- Record Metadata like program URL Time (where and when to get clips)
... Free download to learn more features of Mac clipboard Manager.


Price:$29.95 Mac clipboard free download

Where to access your clipboard on Mac? Many users know how to use Command + c and Command + v but don't know how to find their Mac clipboard. Click here to know How to get Clipboard on Mac OS X?

Key Features of Perfect Clipboard for Mac

.....................................................More than a clipboard on Mac .......................................

Copy&Paste pictures or text - Versatile Mac clipboard ultility copy text from any programs like Office Word, Note, Excle, Powerpoint, Adobe PDF, Web page etc; Copy images as easy as text.

Clip HIstory - This Clipboard on Mac auto-save all clips you make, ensuring no loss of any clipping.

Text Trees - Use text trees of clipboard for Mac to manage all clips by storing them in to orgnised and simple stacks - few clicks to find.

Edit Clips - Use clipboard software Mac to change text case, delete line punctuation, find and replace words, rename etc.

Search clips - Allows to search from clip history by name or content - quickly and convenient to find any clip you need.

Record clip Metadata - Check what program your clip came from, when it was created, and the URL of the website.

Super paste - allows you to paste multiple clippings in a loop, without any pesky punctuation.

Best clipboard mac os x for you to store and reuse some widely used information like Email address, Name, Credit card number, Post number, Photo contracts ...

.........................................Decide how to view Mac Clipboard app yourself!.....................................

Various display options for you to decide where this Mac clipboard app does all its work:

-- If you need keep an eye on all the clippings all the time, set the mini view of Mac clipboard ultility always on the top.
--Want more desktop space free to do other work? Set Clipboard Mac os x Lion to open minimized, working at backstage.
-- Turn on clipboard software Mac's customizable transparency and enjoy the best of both worlds.

Interface of Best Clipboard for Mac

interface of mac clipboard app

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